About Erin - Erin M Waters

About Erin

7 years ago, I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I was hooked right away and ready to work hard. Like, really hard.

The one thing I wasn’t ready for was all of the business stuff involved. Creating, I could do. Creating teaching stuff? I could definitely do. But the business side felt anything but doable.

In this journey, I have made a ton of mistakes. But I have also learned many skills, tips, and strategies along the way. In the process, I have (gasp!) actually begun to love all things business.

This job still isn’t easy. But on most days, it feels doable.

I’m here to make business feel doable for you.

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School of Sellers

A trip down TPT lane, Erin will help navigate all of the bumps, twists, peaks, and valleys on your selling journey.

Weekly actionable tips, featured top sellers + industry experts, and a few bad words along the way, we will look at this seller life through an honest lens—no filters here!